How to aim the bloody head

Since I was so pissed off from someone keep aiming the floor, I have decided to write this post to teach you noobs how to aim the bloody (it should be bloody) head! You will find this particularly helpful if you use high recoil guns like SA58, AK12 or FAL.

You must follow the following points:

  • Always imagine the enemy’s position and visualise his head point.
  • Adjust your headline according to the landform. E.g. If you are on a down slope, aim a bit down as the enemy’s position is lower than you.
  • Pre-fire might help.

Watch the following video to help yourself.


Dat’s it.

My first post

Hi, please don’t just leave because this blog looks like a phishing or spam website. It’s just new.

I still haven’t properly introduce myself, well, I am Max. Max is me. My gamer tag are generally MaTriX_max or WeisseRa. I was born in Hong Kong but currently living in South Africa (I hope that explained my ‘LAG’ factor). I don’t have either the best PC or the connection. 

My PC is a 2013 MacBook Pro RD (Retina Display) 15-inch with no discrete graphics card. ‘Blasting good performance!’. I just need to get myself a USB 3.0 Hub in order to get rid of the annoying fan noise that you can hear when you are Skyping me or in my videos.

Connection? Just a mere 4Mbps ADSL with the great African ping around the world. I cannot do live streams just because it’s ADSL! Once someone upload (stream), the entire network ‘collapses’.

In future, I will usually post my thoughts of anything (from Science to the Space to woman, lol). I will also forward my YouTube videos to this blog.

Welcome to the universe of WeisseRa!